Who is Nitin Kohli and What has he done

It is one of the basic questions that comes to one’s mind. Why you should know about Nitin Kohli. How he is related to you and why you are being asked to read about him. Well, if you are into the business of real estate, or home decor, or interior designing, or architect or design and decor fittings suppliers or even a common man who would ever hire an architect to renovate his house, you must know about who Nitin Kohli is and what has he done.

Nitin Kohli is a cheater and is indulged in many fraudulent activities. In fact, there are many legal cases which are going against him. In some cases the honorable courts have given decisions as well, penalizing him for his deeds.

Here are the details of one such case where Nitin Kohli was found guilty. The case was filed by a company called National Granites. Brief facts of the case of National Granites is that the Nitin Kohli’s company placed an order vide purchase order dated 08.04.2010 for 3000 sq. ft Black Granite having description NG­138 (polished) @ Rs 85 per sq. ft amounting to Rs. 2,60,100/­. The National Granites supplied 1424.632 sq. ft. Black Granite as per the specification on 09.04.2010 and raised invoice/bill no. 007 of Rs. 1,25,766/­ for the supply of material. Nitin Kohli duly acknowledged the receipt of materials and made payment against the goods supplied. According to National Granites, Nitin Kohli no. 2 informed the National Granites firm to hold the balance supply of material till further communication. On 04.05.2010, Nitin Kohli no. 2 called up at the office of National Granites firm and asked it to supply the balance material of purchase order dated 08.04.2010. The National Granites supplied 1685.90 sq. ft Granite as per the specification of the order placed on 08.04.2010 and raised bill no. 022 dated 05.05.2010 for an amount of Rs. 1,49,168/­ against Form ‘C’. Nitin Kohli was supposed to make payment within 30 days from the date of delivery of goods but they failed to pay the amount. Nitin Kohli also refused to issue Form ‘C’ to the National Granites. The National Granites got issued legal notice dated 17.06.2011 through its advocate to Nitin Kohlis and demanded bill amount with interest @ 18% per annum within 15 days from the receipt of the notice. Nitin Kohli even despite receipt of notice failed to make payment.

Being irritated by the fraudulent behavior of Nitin Kohli, National Granites had no other option but to file a case to recover his money.  It filed the case which went for almost four years. But, eventually, National Granites won the case and Nitin Kohli was directed by the court to pay all the dues along with the interest.

Well, this might appear to be just another case, but the matter of fact is that it can happen to anyone. You can also face similar situation if you have not done your homework properly. Please do all the necessary background check before signing any deal with any company. You never know there might be a Nitin Kohli waiting for you!

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