Nitin Kohli And The Never-Ending Saga Of Fraudulent Deeds

Whenever anyone talks about frauds and fraudulent business practices, one name that strikes is Nitin Kohli. He is indeed the champion of fraudulent business practices. If someone wants to learn the trick of how to cheat others, he should meet Nitin Kohli. On one hand he manages clients like Eldeco with deals worth crores, on the other hand, he defaults in paying even petty cash in thousands.

There is one classical example to explain how low a person can go in cheating others. There is a company called Salwan Enterprise and it is the case where Salwan Enterprise, during the course of business, supplied various   furniture   items   and   other   allied   material  to   the Nitin Kohli  vide   Bill   No.012   dated   20.06.2009   and   Bill No.014   dated   02.11.2009   amounting   to   Rs.1,64,813/­   and   Rs.2,25,000/­ respectively   against   the   Nitin Kohli’s   purchase   order   dated   11.06.2009   and 19.10.2009  as  per  statement of account  maintained  by  the  Salwan Enterprise.

Fed up with Nitin Kohli’s attitude, Salwan Enterprise filed a legal case against Nitin Kohli. In the complaint, it was further averred that in spite of issuance of demand notice dated 11.08.2010, the Nitin Kohli failed to remit the amount of Rs.3,89,813/­, which was due and legally payable. Hence, by way of the present suit, the Salwan Enterprise sought a decree for the sum of Rs.3,89,813/­ with interest @   24% per annum w.e.f.   20.06.2009   till realization in its favor along with the cost of the suit.

However, Nitin Kohli in its written statement claimed that the Salwan Enterprise was not entitled to recovery of any of the amount claimed in the present suit and that the suit is without any cause of action and is liable to be rejected under Order VII Rule 11 CPC.  It was submitted that the amount as claimed by the   Salwan Enterprise relates to the rejected material which the   Salwan Enterprise had not supplied to the Nitin Kohli as per the specification and design and that the intimation regarding the rejected material was given to the Salwan Enterprise which was acknowledged by the Salwan Enterprise.

When Salwan Enterprise came to know about this logic, it also reiterated that the amount of Rs.3,89,813/­ as claimed did not pertain to any rejected material as alleged. It was further denied that it was ever informed or it ever acknowledged the rejected material of the aforesaid amount and that the letters dated 30.06.2009 & 13.11.2009 were never received by Salwan Enterprise.

Such is the magnitude of Nitin Kohli’s fraud. He is a big cheat and can go to any level to dupe its vendors and clients. If you are thinking of hiring him for your project, think twice.

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