Nitin Kohli – A Black Spot of The Noble profession of Architecture

Architecture is a noble profession. Here, you try to get into your customers’ shoes and think from his perspective what and how he would like to imagine his dream home or the space that he may call his private one. There are very few such professions where a customer has that much faith on the professional. It is a noble and humble as a doctor or a lawyer.

But, just imagine a situation where, instead of getting into the customers’ shoes, you get into his pockets and start pulling out the money without his consent. Yes, this is the time when the customer starts losing his faith and this is the time when people starts raising questions of professionalism of architects and interior designers. People start blaming them for anything and everything that causes damage to the client.

And therefore, every architect must respect his professionalism and must value his customers and the faith that customer has shown upon him. But, you will always find someone to spoil the set, to put that irremovable black spot on the profession. Nitin Kohli is one such name. An architect who has, so far, duped many of his vendors and customers. A cheater who is blacklisted by many vendors; they do not supply any material to him. Though it is surprising how companies like Eldeco still have Nitin Kohli on their panel, the time is not far when they too shall come to know about his deeds. Its a matter of time when they will realize their mistake, better they realise it now or the time will teach them in a hard way.

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